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We’ll take a look at what a skills matrix is and how you can customize and use it for your organization, teams, or department. We’ll also provide you with five free skills matrix templates that you can download to get you started on your skills management journey.

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Skills matrix templates are invaluable tools for keeping track of your staff’s skills, qualifications, and certifications for your entire organization – or just a single team or department.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at what a skills matrix is and how you can customize and use it for your organization, teams, or department. We’ll also provide you with five free skills matrix templates that you can download to get you started on your skills management journey.

What is a skills matrix? Copied

A skills matrix is a tool used by organizations to assess and track the skills, competencies, and proficiencies of their employees or team members. It is a visual representation – a matrix – that helps managers and leaders identify the strengths and weaknesses within a team, department, or organization.

A skills matrix can help you:

  • Identify and close skills gaps
  • Develop targeted recruitment strategies
  • Create upskilling and reskilling initiatives
  • Plan for employee succession


Template #1: AG5 skills matrix template Copied

We’ve created this free skills matrix template in Microsoft Excel. While we don’t recommend the long-term use of spreadsheet-based skills matrix templates (too complicated!), they’re great for organizations getting started with skills management.

You can download the free AG5 skills matrix template as an Excel, Word, and PDF file.


Four free alternative skills matrix templates Copied

Hee, we’ve shared four additional Excel-based skills matrix templates from various skills management organizations. Take a look to determine which skills matrix is the best-suited to your needs.

Template #2: Skilltree

Skilltree’s free Excel skills matrix template has three tabs, one each for roles, skills, and skills gap analysis – offering an out-of-the-box solution for three different skills management challenges.

You can download it on Skilltree’s website.

Template #3: Ability6

Ability6’s free Excel skills matrix template boasts a clear layout and is well-organized. It serves as a stripped-down verision of the company’s cloud-based skills management solution.

You can download it on Ability6’s website.


Template #4: Academy to Innovate HR

This Excel skills matrix template from the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR) features a simple, easy-to-use layout. In addition to proficiency levels, the matrix also allows you to enter employee’s interest level in specific skills and competencies. This allows to you boost employee engagement and create targeted training plans based on employees’ desires.

You can download it on the AIHR’s website.


Template #5: Effy

Effy’s skills matrix template is very basic, allowing users to rate skills on a 0-3 level of proficiency. When you’re getting started with skills management, however, all you need are the basics – anything else may slow you down.

You can download it on Effy’s website.


free skills matrix template

Want even more free skills matrix templates? Copied

Check out our free skills matrix template library. There, you can download hundreds of free industry-specific skills matrix template, such as those tailored to manufacturing, warehousing, or logistics.

You can also read our “Ultimate Guide to Creating an Excel Skills Matrix” for tips on how to create a skills matrix tailored to your needs.


How to use an Excel skills matrix template Copied

A skills matrix template typically consists of a table, where each row represents an individual employee, and each column represents a specific skill or competency relevant to your organization’s goals.

To use a skills matrix, you fill the intersections of rows and columns with information indicating employees’ level of proficiency or competency in a particular skill. This is usually indicated by a number (for example, 0-5). You can then easily see the employees that are qualified to perform specific tasks, roles or duties.

A properly created skills matrix will provide you with full oversight of the skills your employees possess, as well as those that your organization needs to stay operational, compliant, and safe.


Customizing skills and training matrix templates Copied

The scope of a skills matrix can be as large or small as you choose. For example, it could cover your entire manufacturing organization – encompassing operations, production, processes, logistics, and quality assurance – or only those production line workers who are trained to handle specialized machinery and equipment.

To customize a skills matrix to your needs, follow these steps.

  • Define focus. Clarify if the skills matrix pertains to an entire department or specific roles within it.
  • Identify key skills. List essential competencies for each role or area of operation.
  • Establish proficiency levels. Define skill proficiency levels, aligning them with job requirements.
  • Set evaluation criteria. Create a clear evaluation process, considering on-the-job performance and training qualifications.
  • Regularly review and update. Ensure regular reviews to adapt to evolving roles, technologies, and organizational goals.

TIP: Should use you multiple skills matrices – for different departments or teams, for example – it is important to remember that the information and terminology used in are consistent. This will allow you to easily work with multiple skills matrices at once, or to combine them at a later date, without causing confusion.


Visualize skills gaps with AG5’s skills management software Copied

We hope you found the skills matrix template you were looking for in this article, but if you’re thinking about upping your own skills matrix game, why not take a sneak peek at our own AG5 skills management software solution? Organizations including KLM, Tata Steel, and the Dutch Ministry of Defence are already using AG5 to keep track of skills and training requirements across their organizations.

By using AG5’s skills matrices, you can:

  • Save time fixing broken templates
  • Create visually appealing skills matrices yourself – in less than a minute
  • Slice and dice your data any way you need
  • Share skills matrices with coworkers and colleagues
  • Say goodbye to version management headaches
  • Reduce your search time by at least 50%
  • Easily find the most highly qualified co-workers for specific roles or tasks
  • Filter by proficiency level and/or availability
  • Identify suitable replacements or successors for key players

Want to see AG5 in action? Schedule a free, live, 15-minute demo so we can take you through our skills management solution, step by step.


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