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Oliver Knaus – Head of IT at BING Power Systems GmbH – was looking for a skills matrix system to help him pass his annual certification audits with greater ease. BING’s HR department also needed greater clarity and control to help it schedule joint team training courses.

Results achieved:

  • Fifteen different Excel spreadsheets condensed into a single system
  • Annual certification audits became plain sailing for the first time in years
  • Access to qualification statuses made available to all team leaders, not just HR staff
  • A stress-free Christmas!

Our own IT department rolled AG5 out in no time at all. Once again, plain sailing!

What problems were you looking to solve?

We used to use Excel spreadsheets to create our qualification matrices but had to deal with all the ensuing headaches: we never knew who had the most up-to-date versions, people weren’t entirely sure how to use them properly, they randomly destroyed cell formulas by adding and moving rows and columns … should I go on?

And every team had its own Excel spreadsheet, which, needless to say, HR needed to access on a regular basis. This was always a huge hassle. Our approach was preventing us from scheduling joint team training courses and resulting in discrepancies every time we had an annual certification audit. It was becoming impossible to remedy the situation using spreadsheets – a serious development because these discrepancies could’ve meant we’d lose our certified status and would no longer be able to supply our automotive industry customers.

We used to get our certification audits in November or December and had to patch up the spreadsheets to tell a coherent story. It was always stress, stress, stress … and all that just before the holiday season.

What is the situation like now?

Since switching to AG5, we’ve had two major audits. We simply showed the auditor our matrices – it was plain sailing! Zero discrepancies, and we could all celebrate Christmas at home with total peace of mind.

Our own IT department rolled AG5 out in no time at all. Once again, plain sailing!

Was there anything that you were uncertain about before you started using AG5?

In my experience, new software tools often look great at first glance or in presentations and demos but start using them for a while and scratch a little deeper below the surface, and you usually open up a can of worms. I have to admit this was an initial concern, as was user-friendliness.

But these fears were wholly unfounded. AG5’s an amazing tool that’s both pleasing to the eye and pleasant to work with – day in, day out! If I’m not mistaken, I’ve never seen a tool quite like this in use in a company of our size.

Have you noticed any other benefits?

All our staff are delighted with it, and the feedback from our users is unanimously positive and enthusiastic.

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