AG5 Skills App

Manage and track skills – anytime, anywhere

Track your progress in real-time with insights into your professional development

My Portfolio page offers an intuitive timeline and detailed overview  of your professional milestones.

This visual journey through your achievements and qualifications is designed to help you gain deeper insights into your professional growth, easily track your progress, and identify potential areas for development.

Simplify skills documentation with e-signatures and image attachments

Quickly and easily add skills and qualifications with our streamlined results addition process. With support for electronic signatures and image attachments, you’ll simplify the documentation process for new skills and qualifications.

With records that boast improved security and reliability, you’ll ensure that all your data is valid and up to date – perfect for meeting compliance and auditing requirements.

Collaborate internationally with support for nearly 30 languages

Access the app in nearly 30 languages, making it an excellent tool for diverse teams and multinational organizations.

You’ll foster inclusivity and enhance usability across your global workforce, empowering everyone to manage their skills effectively in their language of choice.

Quick insights into skill proficiencies and recent updates with widgets

Stay updated with the latest developments in your skill set with widgets on the home screen. You’ll receive  immediate, at-a-glance insight into skill proficiencies and recent updates.

You’ll also make  informed decisions with real-time data that is instantly accessible, so your users can stay proactive about their professional development.

A familiar yet streamlined interface

Enjoy a seamless transition to the app with a consistent interface that feels familiar to the web-based versions of AG5.

Our app minimizes the learning curve while integrating significant enhancements that can help you reduce training time and boost user adoption rates.

Ready to master AG5 Skills App?

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“All employees now have their certification/permit details at their fingertips with AG5’s app.”

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  • Gerard Drost
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