Create your own skills matrix in seconds

You need a skills matrix to keep track of your staff’s core competencies, skills, and qualifications. But you can’t seem to rely on the inaccurate data coming from all these uncontrollable spreadsheets? Then this is exactly what you’re looking for:

  • Create visually appealing matrices in two clicks
  • Say goodbye to version management headaches
  • Share matrices with any co-workers you want
  • Identify critical training needs and requirements
  • No programming skills needed
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A powerful tool for effective skills management

  • Easily assess your workforce’s qualifications – Make real-time decisions by having a clear picture of your employees.
  • Follow your alert list and prevent expirations – Manage expiration dates and certificate requirements, and thus stay prepared for upcoming audits.
  • Easily create training plans – Support the creation and management of training plans and records to close your skills gaps.

Flexible skills matrix for any department or business

Instead of relying on spreadsheets such as Excel, a better option is to use special-purpose skills management software. Such a software tool provides an up-to-date snapshot of all your workforce’s competencies and qualifications.

Benefits of using a skills management software:

  • One single, centralized skills hub
  • Replacing your unreliable Excel spreadsheets
  • Easy to create and share with your co-workers
  • Always up-to-date, 100% compliant
  • Visually appealing and concise skills matrices
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Every month, one organization or another comes to audit us
Gert Mijnders KLM Cargo Gert Mijnders Compliance Manager at AirFrance-KLM
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It saves me fifty meetings a year!
Andreas Luckfiel Business Manager at Buyitdirect
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We used to have to lash four or five different systems together to extract any semblance of an overview
Wouter De Smet Training Coordinator at ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks Ghent

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