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Skills management software for food and beverage

Maintain a clear overview of skills and training with our dynamic skills matrix for food and beverage organizations

Food and beverage industry

Close the skills gap – no spreadsheets necessary

Say goodbye to inefficient spreadsheets. With AG5, you’ll use an intuitive dashboard for easy oversight over your employees’ skills, enabling you to identify and close skills gaps – and keep your organization on track for success.


Skills gaps, with a clear overview and intuitive central dashboard


The skills you need – and find the employees who possess them


A training plan that ensures all employees stay ahead of the curve


Employees with convenient access to the training and development they need


Your training plan’s effectiveness, then iterate and optimize


Quickly and decisively to fill missing skills and close the skills gap

Stay ahead of the curve

Chart the course for skills development and training in your organization, ensuring that your employees possess the skills and qualifications to stay current, relevant, and ready for the future. Identify and close skills gaps, track and manage training, and more – setting your organization up for present and future success.

With AG5:

  • Use real-time skills matrices with an intuitive central dashboard
  • Store all your training documentation in one place
  • Grant employees access to their own skills portfolio, as well as self-assessments to ensure they stay on track

Real results achieved by our customers

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There’s now just one version of each matrix, which is also always up to date
Gerard van Moerkerk
Training coordinator
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Compliant and audit ready skills management software

Food-safe, compliant, audit-ready

Ensure your organization is safe for your employees – and fully compliant with all legal requirements. With AG5’s skills management software, you’ll maintain a transparent, audit-proof overview of employees’ certification statuses, proving your commitment to continuous improvement.

With AG5:

  • Ensure a safer, more efficient workplace
  • Maintain a transparent, audit-proof overview of your employees’ certification statuses
  • Map and meet requirements for food-safety qualifications and certifications, such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
Cost effective skills management software for the food and beverage industry

Your map to a cost-effective future

Clear oversight of the skills and qualifications that your employees possess – and those that are needed – provide you with budgetary confidence you need to plan efficiently and effectively. You’ll spend less and use less – all while ensuring your resources are appropriately allocated.

With AG5:

  • Enjoy easy oversight of the skills your employees possess – and those they need
  • Create effective, efficient training plans across your entire organization
  • Reduce costs with a clear developmental roadmap
It takes me one minute to find the info that used to take me a whole day to find!
Patrick van Dinther
Patrick van Dinther
We’re using AG5 now to centrally store all our documents, certificates, and diplomas, and our staff has access to this information via the AG5 skills portfolio app.
Martin Stumpe
Group Lead
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  • What does it mean to be food safety certified?

  • What food-safety certifications can you map in AG5?

  • When is a business first responsible for food safety?

  • How can I assess whether my team meets HACCP requirements?

  • How do you prepare for an ISO 22000 audit with AG5?

Use AG5 to identify skill gaps

Say goodbye to Excel matrices. Start using AG5’s plug and play skill matrix software.

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