AG5 for food and beverage

Ensure your workforce has the skills to stay food safe compliant

Our skills matrix software tracks all your employee skills and certifications in one place.

  • Map training plans to meet required certifications
  • Be ready for compliance and safety audits
  • Forecast and budget for workforce trainings
Food and beverage industry

Loved by the top food producers in over 15 countries

The food and beverage industry has unique workforce challenges

High turnover puts a lot of pressure on maintaining employees with the right skills.
Maintaining quality and safety standards across multiple locations is challenging with lots of employees.
An overlooked certification and expired training can put your whole operation at risk for recalls and audits.

Let AG5 standardize your skills tracking and planning

Never let a missed training or expired certification slip through the cracks

We tell you when you’re employee credentials are at risk of being out of compliance with F&B safety standards — without you having to do a complex excel analysis.

Always be audit-ready

Never again scramble to prepare for food safety or compliance inspection. AG5 ensures you always have up-to-date records of employee skills, qualifications, and certifications.


Create workforce training plans for future growth

Making best guesses on your workforce needs?

AG5’s alert list let you forecast future trainings based on the current skills and certifications of your employees — so you can more accurately budget your training programs.

See how we’ve helped F&B companies like you

Gerard van Moerkerk
Training Coordinator at JDE coffee

“We’ve moved from a humongous pile of Excel spreadsheets to a single environment that is quickly and easily accessible for all our users. There’s now just one version of each matrix, which is also always up to date.”

Sonja van Dijk
Education and Training Manager at Intersnack

“It’s all so much clearer now. I only have to enter our training courses into AG5 and touch base with our production line supervisors. You can spot a gap in your staff’s training at a single glance!”

See how AG5 can keep your workforce compliant with F&B certifications

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