Practical examples of how skills management software can really make a difference

  • Building skills matrices without programming? For sure, new users up and running within 30 minutes!
  • An audit? When? Tomorrow! Make sure you make a good first impression.
  • Employees’ certification almost lapsed? Configure automatic notifications.
  • An employee off sick? Search and find suitable replacements right away.
  • Need to retool your production line? Pull up a list of qualified operators.
  • A really complex organizational structure? No problem, drag and drop to easily replicate any structure – however complex.


Building skills matrices – no programming required!

Creating a skills matrix in Excel means dealing with multiple tabs and countless formulas.

What data ranges should you use for the x- and y-axes? How should you group your data – by staff member, team or production line? What do you want to display – certifications attained or corresponding operations, too? Which results should you display – those already attained, those required or the skills gap between the two?

All the above is difficult to piece together in Excel using formulas –you’d need an Excel expert with programming skills to achieve this. And not forgetting a common occurrence … users ‘breaking’ spreadsheets by accidentally deleting a character from a formula.

It’s all just so much easier in AG5. Anyone can build matrices themselves by just clicking, dragging and grouping relevant information. Absolutely no programming skills are required and no worries about anyone ‘breaking’ anything.

You decide yourself how you want to link employees’ skills to job roles, items of machinery, workstations … whatever works for you. And what’s more, you can see your results right away!


An audit? When? Tomorrow! Make sure you make a good first impression.

You’ve just heard that your most important customer’s auditor will be visiting tomorrow. He or she will be running spot checks and selecting three or so employees to see if they’ve got the right qualifications. You’re getting a little hot under the collar because you already know you haven’t got this information readily available. Half of this information is in an HR department filing cabinet and the other half is somewhere in a whole bunch of Excel spreadsheets.

You’re bothered because you know making a good first impression for the auditor is important.

Surely there’s a better solution? Good news! There is a better solution. Using AG5, all your information is in one place and immediately available real‑time along with all its supporting documentary evidence.

Imagine walking into the office the next morning – calm and collected – and never having to experience ‘audit stress’ ever again!

And as many of our customers do, perhaps even getting a compliment from the auditor.

Employees’ certification almost lapsed? Configure automatic notifications.

Peter just dropped by your office to inform you that his SCC certification expired last week. Sound familiar? It’s great that Peter spotted this, but shouldn’t you really have been ahead of the game on this one yourself? It could’ve been an auditor who’d spotted Peter’s SCC had lapsed or worse still, the Health & Safety inspector after an industrial accident. But how could this have escaped your notice? You’ve been keeping a meticulous record of everyone’s SCC issuance/expiry dates in an Excel spreadsheet.

What’s wrong with this is that you’re not receiving notifications. You really need to be able to:

  • configure notifications for each individual employee, group and/or certification. You never want to be taken by surprise again and discover after the fact that someone’s certification has already lapsed.
  • see exactly what will be expiring, and when, in the period ahead. Armed with this information, you can be proactive instead of reactive and plan refresher courses efficiently and effectively.
  • slice and dice your data every which way – for example, the ability to query just Team X in Department Y or all personnel qualified to perform Role Z.

This is no pipe dream … it’s called AG5!


An employee off sick? Search and find suitable replacements right away.

Suppose someone’s off sick.

How do you work out as quickly as possible who’s his or her most suitable replacement? As often as not, this judgment call is made based on gut instinct. But have you ever questioned whether this is the most objective approach given the sheer number of employees? Or do you actually dive into your Excel spreadsheets and scroll up and down, and left and right through dozens of rows and columns? Ever wondered how much time you lose or waste doing this? It’s not unrealistic for this to take anything up to half an hour every time someone’s away.

Using AG5, enter the name of the person who’s off sick and instantaneously get a list of co‑workers who are the best matches based on qualifications.

Need to retool your production line? Pull up a list of qualified operators.

‘Production Line 2 needs to be retooled but we can’t find Eric anywhere and he always does the retooling.’

Have you ever had to urgently find an expert within your organization? You look for the production manager and ask her, ‘Who else can retool the line?’ She responds, ‘I think Walter can but I’m not 100% certain. Check the Excel matrix to make sure.’
And so, you’re back to manually wading through Excel spreadsheets for an answer. And then the nagging doubt as to whether the spreadsheets are actually up to date.

Using AG5, just enter the task ‘Retool Production Line 2’. And in the blink of an eye, get a list of all personnel qualified to retool the line.

Conducting a performance review soon? Review your team member’s progress in no time.

Tomorrow, you’ve got a performance review with Peter and you’re not particularly looking forward to it. You’re not sure what you should tell him about his development over the past year. Not to mention what he should be focusing on for the year ahead.

Because you don’t have the right answers, you’re not properly prepared for the discussion and it ends up wasting both his and your time and benefits nobody. You can’t wait for the discussion to be over and you’ll finally be able to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

But imagine if you did have all the answers!

Using AG5, not only you, but Peter too, can see immediately which of his skills have improved. At a glance, you’ll be able to see what he still needs to focus on in order to match him quickly and easily to new roles or positions. It clarifies exactly what options exist for professional development and gives Peter and you plenty of topics to discuss during the review. What’s more, you can even discuss how to aline both Peter’s and your company’s objectives.

But best of all, Peter feels acknowledged and appreciated by you and the company. He’s now more motivated than ever to continue his professional development.

Imagine actually enjoying performance reviews!

A new project? Put together the perfect team.

As your organization’s project manager, you have to set up a complex, new project. Part of its complexity centers on a need for specific expertise and experience.

Your gut instinct’s telling you who’d be the best person to get the job done. This instinct is invaluable, but what if you’re forgetting someone or something?

Have you got a clear picture of everyone’s skills and qualifications? And what about the ‘informal’ skills they’ve accumulated in various roles throughout their careers?

Browse your team or even your entire workforce in AG5 for specific expertise and/or experience that could benefit the project.
You may just be surprised at how you could strengthen your team with employees you initially hadn’t thought of.

All qualifications stored centrally in one location … everyone on the same page.

Has a colleague of yours ever made a copy of your skills matrix, modified it and then shared it with others? If so, there are now multiple versions in circulation.

There was once a single master copy, but now differences, inaccuracies and omissions across multiple versions could be resulting in team leaders evaluating team members based on the wrong criteria.

For example, during an audit, an employee may show up as being insufficiently qualified. He or she then gets sent home and another employee has to be found to take their place.

In other words, how often do you doubt whether your version is the right version?

Using AG5, all qualifications are stored in one central location. This means everyone is on the same page and discrepancies can never occur.

There’s just been an industrial accident. Demonstrate you took all the relevant precautions.

A 21-year-old woman has been injured by a forklift truck in an industrial accident at a Berlin-based chemical company. A co-worker didn’t see her and reversed the truck into her. The health & safety inspectorate are starting an investigation.

Besides the major impact an accident has on your employees, your company is also liable for damages. For insurance purposes and to prevent legal proceedings, you have to demonstrate the following for the employee involved:

  1. Did he have a valid forklift truck license?
  2. Was he aware of your standard operating procedures?
  3. Was he aware of your safety instructions and polices?

Using AG5, enter the forklift truck driver’s name and pull up a list of all his qualifications at a glance including supporting documentary evidence.

It’s a quick and effective means to demonstrate that all relevant precautions were taken.

Who has what experience and expertise at our other locations? Search companywide.

You’re a team leader in an organization with several locations nationwide or even abroad. Fair chance, you’ve asked yourself on more than one occasion who actually works at your other sites and what expertise and experience do they have?

An item of machinery had developed a fault at one of our customers’ manufacturing plants. Their usual technical services employee was away on holiday.

Our customer entered the specific maintenance qualifications into AG5 and discovered an employee working at another of their sites who had exactly the right qualifications to solve the problem.

And who can you call or email?

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