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Find out how AG5 can save time for your:

  • L&D managers
  • Operations managers
  • IT managers
  • Team supervisors
  • HR managers
  • Planning coordinators

Say goodbye to your spreadsheets and paperwork

Creating skills matrices without programming skills

Before you know it, you’ll need an Excel whiz kid with programming skills to set up spreadsheets for your skills matrices and fix them every time someone breaks a formula or deletes a cell.

When you use AG5’s skills management software, you’ll be able to:

  • save time fixing broken templates
  • create visually appealing matrices yourself in less than a minute
  • slice and dice your data any way you need
  • share matrices with any co-workers you want
  • say goodbye to all your version management headaches

Got a new project about to start? Put together a kick-ass team of qualified co-workers in no time

Whenever you’re looking to put together a team to kick off a new project, you’d ideally like to find the most qualified members as quickly and effortlessly as possible. But are your Excel spreadsheets actually up to date?

When you use AG5’s skills management software, you’ll be able to:

  • reduce your search time by at least 50%
  • find the most highly qualified co-workers in no time
  • filter by proficiency level and/or availability
  • identify suitable replacements for key players off sick

Have supervisors been forgetting to update their skills matrices?

It is always a chore for supervisors to update their team’s qualifications using Excel. After all, overly complex spreadsheets are always a nightmare, and it is so easy to forget to save data and even lose data altogether.

With using AG5 you will have:

  • a mobile app to update information on the go
  • no more Excel spreadsheet headaches
  • access to up-to-date information
  • 83% less data entry time

And how about integrating AG5 with your other tools?

Powerful integrations with your current tools, view all integrations

Access and interaction across the board

Give all your staff access to their own skills matrices through the app

Save HR’s time and effort spent sifting through piles of spreadsheets or paper-based records to retrieve the information requested by your staff.

Using the AG5 app, your staff will be able to:

  • access their own skills documentation,
  • see which areas they need to focus on,
  • assess their own skills and sign these off with their managers,
  • and receive automatic notifications about expiring qualifications

Yikes! An audit. Make sure you make a good first impression

Do you already know just how difficult it would be to retrieve information about your staff’s qualifications if an auditor were to ask for them?

When you use AG5’s skills management software, you’ll be able to:

  • retrieve up-to-date information about any co-worker through the mobile AG5 app,
  • display documentation and proof of qualification,
  • see who entered what data and when,
  • answer any of the auditor’s questions on the spot,
  • and receive compliments from your auditor!

Do your managers come knocking on your door every quarter demanding the latest skills report?

No need to go digging through multiple systems – simply grant your managers access to AG5 and have them enter data and generate up-to-date skills reports themselves.

Because AG5:

  • does away with multiple systems – all the information is in one place
  • pinpoints any skills gaps emerging and KPIs currently below par
  • automatically retrieves results from your integrated e-learning systems
  • makes your managers self-sufficient

A powerful tool for day-to-day operations on the work floor

Never lose documents again and always have the right version available

AG5 stores all your documents in the cloud so that all authorized personnel have access to current and approved documents.

Qualifications almost expired? Get automatic notifications

AG5 sends automatic notifications by email or SMS warning about any qualifications about to expire and explaining what action to take.

Evaluate staff on the work floor

You’ll no longer need a laptop to enter your assessment results. You can do this on the work floor using the AG5 app on your smartphone or tablet.

AG5 keeps your data secure

  • Multilingual software
  • SSO Security
  • ISO certified

Read what our clients have to say about AG5

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There’s now just one version of each matrix, which is also always up to date
Gerard van Moerkerk Training Coordinator at JDE Coffee
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You can spot a gap in your staff’s training at a single glance!
Sonja van Dijk Education & Training Coordinator at Intersnack
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It saves me fifty meetings a year!
Andreas Luckfiel Business Manager at Buyitdirect

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