AG5 for warehouse operations

Make sure your workforce has the skills to keep operations going

Our skills matrix software integrates with your planning tool and tracks all your employee skills and certifications in one place.

  • Handle job planning based on skills and qualifications
  • Get notified when employee certificates are expiring
  • Create a unified skills library across regions

Loved by global warehouse companies

You can’t keep track of 1000s of employee skills with a spreadsheet

Assigning qualified staff for special cargo is a manual process and takes forever.
You can’t be sure your employees have the right certificates to meet customer requirements.
Different locations have different types of skills and certifications — and it’s confusing how they align.

Let AG5 standardize your skills tracking and planning

Handle job planning based on skills and qualifications

AG5 integrates with warehouse scheduling platforms and tracks needed skills against job requirements — so you can be confident all your jobs are meeting requirements.


Address skill gaps before they impact operations

Our automated alerts give you and your employees advanced notice when employee certifications are going to expire.

Create a standardized skills library — across regions

Struggling to keep track of certifications in different countries?

AG5’s lets you create a shared skills library — so you have more clarity over the capabilities of your workforce.

See how we’ve helped warehousing companies like you

Edwin van Spronsen
Program Manager at Stiho Group

“We can now see at a glance which training programs an individual employee still needs to follow. For example, whether or not an individual is currently certified to operate forklift trucks.”

Gert Mijnders
Compliance Manager at KLM Cargo

“We started using AG5 so that we could get a full picture of all our staff’s qualifications and certification and meet our compliance obligations”

See how AG5 can optimize your operations with better skills management.

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