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Sonja van Dijk is Intersnack’s education and training manager. Hear how and why caramel mix production didn’t grind to halt when a key employee was off sick. All thanks to AG5.

Results achieved:

  • Did away with multiple training program spreadsheets
  • Saved training department 10 hours a month
  • Gained immediate insight into training gaps
  • Aligned version management at 3 sites

You can spot a gap in your staff’s training at a single glance!

You compared three different skills matrix systems before selecting AG5. How did that work out?

We discussed our needs and requirements with several companies. When asking about certain functionality, their answers were, “No, that’s not possible. You’d need to use an Excel spreadsheet to achieve that.” My immediate response was, “But that’s exactly what we’re trying to do away with. We don’t want to have to deal with spreadsheets any more!”

Your particular situation was fairly complex, how did the implementation turn out?

AG5 was there at our side, helping us configure our matrices every step of the way. What’s really great is that all three of our sites are now on the same page! We’d never have been able to achieve this on our own and we’d probably still be using three separate systems.

How has using AG5 changed the way you work?

It’s all so much clearer now. I only have to enter our training courses into AG5 and touch base with our production line supervisors, “Hey, I see here that so-and-so hasn’t taken this training course yet.” You can spot a gap in your staff’s training at a single glance!

What’s more, whenever someone wasn’t able to attend a training course, you always had to remember to reschedule them. Now I just take a quick look at the matrix and can see who still needs to do what.

Recently, someone was off sick and we had to shut down the production line because no one else could run it. Caramel mix production ground to a halt! But suddenly I thought to myself, “Hang on a sec, let me look in AG5! I could see at a glance that there was someone else working in another department who was qualified to run our caramel mix line. We were back up and running in no time!

And how does AG5 help you plan your staff training?

We now have a training schedule for all our sites throughout the Netherlands so our production line supervisors can see which courses are coming up soon and sign up team members accordingly. They simply pull up a list on their display, “OK! Who’s working where? And who needs training?” They know exactly who needs to attend the next training course.

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