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Training coordinator

See at a glance what qualifications are set to expire with AG5’s training matrix.

Skills management software for training coordinators

Finally a tool with which to accurately predict your training needs

Everyone expects you to foresee the skill gaps that will crop up in the upcoming months, but this is practically impossible to do with spreadsheets. Tracking everything manually is a time-consuming affair and the data is still incomplete.

With AG5’s training matrix:

  • All you have to do is select a period—e.g. the next twelve months—to see at a glance what qualifications are going to expire in that time frame
  • This gives you accurate insight into your training needs and the exact budget that is required
Keeping track of skills with skills management software for training coordinators

Planning has a shortage of qualified staff and everyone is looking at you to do something

The stressed-out manager of the planning department walks up to your desk. “I will not have enough qualified people in one of the teams next week.” They ask you why you did nothing to prevent this.

Looking ahead is difficult if all you have to work with is Excel.

With AG5:

  • You get the overview you need to plan ahead
  • You can identify the skill gaps per team at a single glance
  • You can draw up training plans which are then automatically updated and no one from the planning department will come up to your desk :)

Visualize the skills gaps in your team

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Manage training budgets

Your training budget is a rough estimate at best?

Drawing up a training budget can be a very time-consuming business. What new employees are joining your organization and whose qualifications are set to expire? Meanwhile, you just have to hope that the Excel spreadsheet you are working with is up to date…

With AG5:

  • You will always have an up-to-date overview
  • You can base your budget requests on real-life data instead of guesswork
  • You can work with up-to-date information instead of outdated Excel spreadsheets
  • You can save at least 60% of your own valuable time
Automatic email notification from AG5 skills management software for training coordinators

Workflows to help you

At the moment, you probably find yourself reminding employees over and over that one of their qualifications is about to expire. Perhaps you are waiting for a team leader to approve a new qualification. There is a much easier way to go about this.

With workflows in AG5:

  • You can set up automatic notifications, so employees will receive an email in a timely manner to remind them of the upcoming expiration of their qualification
  • You can streamline the approval processes (e.g. obtaining new qualifications)
  • You can automate and monitor common training processes
  • You can allocate tasks and responsibilities to the right person
Avoid overtraining with a clear overview of skills

Avoid overtraining and the misallocation of your training budget

Sometimes, having enough qualified people is simply a matter of moving employees from a team with a surplus of qualified staff to one with a shortage of expert employees.

To do this, however, you need a complete overview of all your teams and their respective qualifications.

When you use AG5:

  • You have comprehensive insight into the qualifications and skill gaps of each team
  • You can easily move people from overqualified to underqualified teams
  • You can see what people have to do in order to grow as a team
  • And you can avoid the misallocation of your training budget
I still can’t believe we used to track all of our employee skills and process needs in a spreadsheet. The data was always out of date, we were always scrambling to close skill gaps and respond to audits. With AG5, we don’t have to worry about any of that — and we can finally be proactive when it comes to our workforce planning.
Tim Clansey
Training coordinator at Adient

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