“35% time savings, which equals 8 days per month”

Gert Mijnders, Air France-KLM Compliance Manager


For managing the employee skills of any organization up to 100 people

249 eur/mo Billed monthly 299 usd/mo Billed monthly 250 gbp/mo Billed monthly 499 aud/mo Billed monthly 350 cad/mo Billed monthly 199 eur/mo Billed annually 250 usd/mo Billed annually 175 gbp/mo Billed annually 320 aud/mo Billed annually 299 cad/mo Billed annually

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  • 1,000 results
  • Max. workforce 100
  • All matrix functions
  • 20+ languages


For team leaders and/or managers to handle the skills of their mid-sized organizations

650 eur/mo Billed monthly 670 usd/mo Billed monthly 550 gbp/mo Billed monthly 999 aud/mo Billed monthly 900 cad/mo Billed monthly 499 eur/mo Billed annually 550 usd/mo Billed annually 400 gbp/mo Billed annually 799 aud/mo Billed annually 750 cad/mo Billed annually

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  • 4,500 results
  • Unlimited workforce
  • All matrix functions
  • 20+ languages


For organizations where skilled employees from multiple teams/departments interact

1199 eur/mo Billed monthly 1250 usd/mo Billed monthly 1050 gbp/mo Billed monthly 1900 aud/mo Billed monthly 1700 cad/mo Billed monthly 950 eur/mo Billed annually 999 usd/mo Billed annually 850 gbp/mo Billed annually 1500 aud/mo Billed annually 1399 cad/mo Billed annually

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  • 10,000 results
  • Unlimited workforce
  • All matrix functions
  • Approvals
  • REST API connectivity
  • 20+ languages


For global organizations managing the skills of multiple teams and locations

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  • > 10,000 results
  • Unlimited workforce
  • All matrix functions
  • Approvals
  • REST API connectivity
  • 20+ languages
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • LMS integration
  • FDA compliancy
  • ISO/IEC27001
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Dedicated account manager

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Loved by operators and training coordinators

Perfect approach towards clear view on competencies within our plant

April 11, 2023

Our onboarding with AG5 went smoothly, we are coming out of a situation where we were using multiple large Excel files for Skills gap visualization. Prior to getting started, we asked questions about how much time it would cost us to get into production, we have been proven that this can be done in 4 weeks. Thanks to the project team collaboration & AG5 support.

Martin J.
Validated reviewer on G2

Excellent start up service, has already made a big difference to how we manage our Training & Skills

December 13, 2022

It removes none value-added workload and admin work, so makes us more efficient, everybody has visibility of the data from anywhere, documentation cannot go missing as it is loaded electronically

Tim C.
Training Coordinator
Validated reviewer on G2

An intuitive tool to manage our companies’ skills, competencies, and qualifications.

November 11, 2022

Skills Matrix – provides a visual, adaptable display of employees’ skillsets. Highlighting, in a simple, user-friendly manner, where the gaps are.

Simple Setup – it’s straightforward to define the required skillsets for each Role, Department, Location, etc., and so develop and then manage each individual’s unique competency requirements.

Ard B.
HSEQ Director
Validated reviewer on G2
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