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Skills management software for the mining industry

Maintain a clear overview of skills and training with our dynamic skills matrix for mining organizations

Mining dig site
Mining dig site

A revolutionary approach to mining skills management

Say goodbye to inefficient spreadsheets. With AG5, you’ll use an intuitive dashboard for easy oversight over your employees’ skills and certifications, enabling you to identify and close skills gaps – and keep your organization on track for success.


Skills gaps in your organization, with a clear overview and intuitive central dashboard


The skills you need – and find the employees who possess them


A comprehensive training plan that ensures all employees stay ahead of the curve in the innovative and fast-paced mining industry


Employees with convenient access to the training and development they need


Your training plan’s effectiveness – no spreadsheets necessary


Quickly and decisively to fill missing skills and close the skills gap

Stay strategic – and ahead of the curve

Create a structurally sound plan for skills development and training in your organization. Real-time tracking and insights into employees’ technical skills provide you with a standardized method of ensuring expertise in new or specific technologies and applications.

With AG5:

  • Use real-time skills matrices with an intuitive central dashboard
  • Easily keep track of all your mining training documentation in a single-source-of-truth location
  • Grant employees access to various trainings depending on their qualifications and needs

Real results achieved by our customers

Van der Heide employees working on roads
We prefer using AG5 for skills matrices because you can see everything at a glance, get a total snapshot of all your training statuses, and define current and future skills for each job or role.
Gerard Drost
QHSE, Manager & Higher Safety Expert
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Safe and compliant skills management software

Safe, compliant, audit-ready

Ensure your organization’s plans and processes are safe, secure, and meet compliance and regulatory standards. With AG5’s automated skills management software, you’ll maintain a transparent, audit-proof overview of employees’ mining certification statuses, proving your commitment to security and continuous improvement in an industry in which success is efficiency.

With AG5:

  • Use intuitive, standardized dashboards to accurately track and assess skills throughout your entire mining organization
  • Stay compliant as technology evolves and requirements change
  • Quantify requirements on a per-team or per-individual basis
Skills management software helps manage costs

Dig deep into a cost-effective future

Clear oversight of the mining skills and qualifications that your employees possess – and those that are needed – provide you with budgetary confidence you need to plan efficiently and effectively. You’ll spend less and use less – while ensuring your resources are appropriately allocated.

With AG5:

  • Efficiently allocate resources and reduce training costs
  • Close only the necessary skills gaps, without wasting time
  • Provide employees with targeted training and development opportunities
Efficient skills tracking with skills management software

Close the skills gap – efficiency and effectively

Use intuitive, custom skill matrices – or download our free, industry-specific template – enabling you to track, manage, and plan for essential mining certifications that will improve workplace safety, ensure regulatory compliance, increase efficiency, and boost employee development, retention, and recruitment initiatives.

With AG5, you’ll have full oversight of all mining certifications in your organization, including:

  • MSHA - Mine Safety and Health Administration certification (MSHA)
  • OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration certification (OSHA)
  • Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration certification (SME)
  • Certified Mine Safety Professional (CMSP)
  • Certified Mining Engineer (CME)
  • Certified Mineral Manager (CMM)
  • Certified Mine Safety Coordinator (CMSC)
  • Certified Mine Safety Instructor (CMSI)
  • Certified Environmental and Safety Compliance Officer (CESCO)
  • Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)
Proactive Technology Management
Instead of locating spreadsheets with raw data, managers can now simply log in and immediately get an overview of their team’s skills. This saves us a considerable amount of time when reviewing skill requirements and conducting performance reviews.
Zoe van Auken
Zoe VanAuken
People and Culture Manager
AG5 allows us to respond far more rapidly in a whole range of daily situations and see exactly who has what expertise and experience and where!
Andreas Luckfiel
Andreas Luckfiel
Business Manager

Use AG5 to identify skill gaps

Say goodbye to Excel matrices. Start using AG5’s plug and play skill matrix software.

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