3 innovative AG5 integrations that help you elevate skills management

In this article we talk about how we leverage integrations with Cornerstone OnDemand, SafetyCulture, and Shyftplan to enhance skills management for operational efficiency. These partnerships streamline compliance, training, and shift planning for a more effective workforce.

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Three terms that all point to sectors of the workforce that do not sit behind a desk. Where traditionally HR software has focused more on office workers, it is clear that HR tech for frontline workforces is a hot topic!

And rightly so! Whether you are talking about recruitment, talent development, or skills management, the needs of leaders managing employees who are engaged with physical assets varies significantly from those who sit behind desks.

With the expansion of HR tech for deskless workforces, the range of possible integrations for AG5 also grows. We have recently introduced a number of exciting new integrations that allow you to take charge of skills management in production environments – and I am happy to share three of them with you!


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Our latest partnership and integration with Cornerstone OnDemand brings a skills management solution dedicated to frontline workers to the Cornerstone partner ecosystem.

Jointly, we give operational leaders in manufacturing and production locations the ability to proactively manage the compliance of their frontline workers. And if that wasn’t enough, through our integrations, you can automate the bridging of skill or certification gaps for operating assets that are required to keep your business running!

We connect the AG5 system to Cornerstone OnDemand’s LMS environment, allowing you to match skills, certifications, or competencies in AG5 to online learning content in Cornerstone. Once a certification is set to expire (e.g., in a month’s time), we can automatically enroll the specific employee in a follow-up learning course in Cornerstone.

Furthermore, we can use your course library in Cornerstone as a set of skills or competencies, and map them to a specific operating asset or production line in AG5.

Besides the LMS integration, we can also integrate with Cornerstone’s Core HR platform to leverage employee data that you have available there, making it easy to get started and ensuring Core HR remains your single source of truth when it comes to employees’ HR information.

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Similar to AG5, SafetyCulture’s iAuditor is an instrumental technology that allows organizations to stay in control when it comes to facing audits. Specifically, iAuditor helps manage onsite inspections by enabling you to easily create checklist forms that make inspections quicker. Using the SafetyCulture mobile app, you can directly conduct inspections.

By integrating AG5 and SafetyCulture, you can map inspection and audit findings to competencies in AG5, offering a comprehensive insight into the abilities of your frontline workforce. Furthermore, companies can combine data from audit findings with competencies to identify patterns and drive training programs.

SafetyCulture’s e-learning offering, EdApp, can also be integrated with AG5, allowing you to automatically register employees for relevant courses and register results to their respective skills.

KLM already uses AG5 and SafetyCulture side by side – check out the AG5 case study for KLM for the full story.

Learn how KLM boosts compliance and learning


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In my previous blog, I mentioned shift-planning technologies as a possible area for future partnerships with AG5. With that in mind, we recently partnered with Shyftplan – an AI-assisted technology that allows you to automate shift planning.

Integrating a shift-planning solution with AG5 makes a lot of sense. AG5 allows operators to keep track of workforce certifications and competencies – key input to planning shifts that keep plants running.

Leveraging AG5 and Shyftplan gives organizations the ability to intelligently automate operational planning onsite. As a key benefit, compliance and quality risks onsite can be minimized through skill-based shift planning.

Moreover, this integration enables the automation of skill upkeep by strategically assigning individuals to tasks and roles that help sustain required skill levels. It also allows operators to automate talent development by planning shifts according to skill gaps.


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Here at AG5, we believe in the power of ecosystems! This is why we offer an extensive range of integrations, allowing our clients to get more value out of their HR tech stack. Explore our other integrations that work seamlessly with the AG5 platform, enabling intuitive skills management across the entire organization.

Explore AG5 Integrations


That’s it for another blog. Reach out on LinkedIn if you want to learn more!

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