AG5 for aerospace manufacturing

Make sure your workforce has the skills to do the job

Our skills matrix software integrates with your HR tools and tracks all your employee skills and certifications in one place.

  • Track employee skills against production line needs
  • Proactively address skill gaps to maintain compliance
  • Quickly generate training record reports for audits

Trusted by training and compliance managers

Quality assurance in aviation is too important to be tracking employee skills in a spreadsheet

You have too many skills and employees to manually keep track of
Your certifications and production needs are constantly changing
You scramble to pull together training records for ISO and transportation agency audits

Keep your employee skills compliant with industry regulators


Create a skills matrix for each unique production process

AG5’s lets your track employee skills to the needs of your production processes — making it easy to identify skill gaps, find suitable replacements, and organize training programs.


Know who needs training before certifications expire

Our automated alerts give you and your employees advanced notice when employee certifications are going to expire — so you can stay in compliance with industry standards.


Generate accurate training record reports for industry audits

Never again scramble to document your employee skills data for ESEA, FAA, and ISO compliance audits. AG5’s report builder lets you publish your personnel and training records in a few clicks.

See how we’ve helped aviation companies like you

Jason Duckworth
former Chief Systems Engineer at AKKA Technologies

“If I’m looking for a qualified replacement for someone, it now only takes me a few mouse clicks”

Gert Mijnders
compliance manager at KLM Cargo

“Every month, one organization or another comes to audit us! Every month, one organization or another comes to audit us!”

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