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Patrick van Dinther, Cérélia’s School of Bakery manager, was looking for a way to get a clearer picture of the mishmash of information he had before him. Read about his experiences with AG5 here.

Results achieved:

  • 400 individual personnel files reduced to a single system
  • time savings – from 1 day to a few minutes
  • insight into personal progress for all employees
  • 75% time savings on audits
  • integrations with DPS and aNewSpring

However, now we’re using AG5, anyone can check and find this information in an instant. We all love it!

What problems were you encountering?

Not so long ago, I asked someone, “Who’s actually allowed to perform metal detection duties on this production line?” Because metal detection is a highly skilled task that not everyone is qualified to perform. No one could answer my question.

We had to dive into the personnel files to work out who was qualified for metal detection duties. We didn’t have a single overview or even a single system to answer this simple question.

Around four hundred people work here, and we kept their files in four hundred separate folders in a cabinet. Yep! You guessed it. We had to plow through all these files one by one.

And have things gotten better since you started using AG5?

We were able to configure the platform exactly the way we wanted, based on the qualifications needed in each department, on each production line, and at each proficiency level. We simply mapped qualifications to workstations, and hey presto! We also store our training information in AG5.

Who needs training? Who’s already received training? I now have answers to these questions in a matter of seconds! This would have taken me a whole day to determine before we had AG5.

The software is clearly laid out and saves us an enormous amount of time. Just a few clicks and everything you need appears on the screen in front of you.

What changes have you witnessed on the shop floor?

We were pleasantly surprised by the effect the AG5 app had on our staff themselves. We’d always onboarded and trained new staff members – a process that takes about four months. But using AG5 they can see for themselves how they’re progressing, and this serves as a huge motivation. Nowadays, they approach their team leaders asking, “Hey, take a look at this! These training programs of mine are still on red. I want to get them all green!”

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