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With our free recall coordination skills matrix template, you will receive a clear overview of the skills that are present in your organization, as well as those that are missing. Using this information, you can develop and implement a plan to ensure that your employees’ skills are up to date, comprehensive, compliant, and ready for the future.

  • Certified Product Recall Professional
  • Certified Crisis Management Specialist
  • Certified Recall Coordinator
  • Certified Supply Chain Risk Manager
  • Certified Incident Response Manager
  • Certified Business Continuity Professional
  • Certified Emergency Management Specialist
  • Certified Risk Management Professional
  • Certified Disaster Recovery Planner
  • Certified Crisis Communication Specialist
  • Certified Incident Commander
  • Certified Supply Chain Resilience Professional
  • Certified Supply Chain Professional
  • Certified Logistics Professional
  • Certified Crisis and Emergency Response Team Leader
  • Certified Product Safety Specialist
  • Certified Business Continuity Lead Auditor
  • Certified Product Recall Coordinator
  • Certified Crisis Management Facilitator
  • Certified Incident Response Team Leader

Related skills

Crisis Management: Exhibiting adept crisis management skills to swiftly and effectively orchestrate recall procedures, a competency affirmed by the Certified Crisis Management Professional (CCMP) certification.

Cross-Functional Collaboration: Skillfully collaborating with various departments, stakeholders, and external partners to ensure a cohesive and efficient recall process, an ability underscored by the Certified Cross-Functional Collaboration Specialist (CCFCS) certification.

Communication Strategy: Implementing a strategic and clear communication plan for all stakeholders during a recall, an expertise demonstrated through training and the Certified Recall Communication Strategist (CRCS) certification.

Logistical Coordination: Coordinating intricate logistical details involved in product recalls, showcasing organizational prowess aligned with the Certified Logistical Coordination Specialist (CLCS) certification.

Post-Recall Analysis: Conducting thorough post-recall analysis to identify lessons learned and areas for improvement, an essential practice substantiated by the Certified Post-Recall Analyst (CPRA) certification.


Skills management software streamlines recall coordination teams’ cross-functional communication, planning, and execution, expediting response times and ensuring effective management of product recalls.

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