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Danny ten Veen is the coordinating histology analyst at LabPON where forty or so staff members work in its Histology department. Between them, they have over 300 job-related qualifications that all used to be documented and managed in – wait for it – hard copy!

Results achieved:

  • One-click access to all records – auditors, managers, and planning department no longer have to sift through a mountain of paperwork
  • Paperless records – no more paper forms, less hassle, and better for the environment
  • Simultaneous updates – all staff members can now update their skills themselves, if need be at the same time
  • Instant checks – using ‘Expert Finder’ staff can see at a glance who is and isn’t qualified or authorized

Our Planning department’s also really pleased now they no longer have to wade through mountains of paperwork.

So, what problems were you looking to solve?

We used to record all the Histology department’s activities using paper forms and file them away in ring binders. Every time someone started in a new role or job, we had to reprint revised versions of our standard paper forms and update our ring binders.

Between us, we had over 300 qualifications that each staff member had to update by hand in hard copy and get signed off because keeping our qualifications up to date is an ISO requirement.

Why’s it so important to document everything so meticulously?

We conduct medical research here at LabPON, so if something should go wrong, we need to be able to show that the person responsible was indeed qualified to be performing the task in question.
Whenever we were being audited, we had to check all our paperwork. That meant we used to go lock ourselves in a room and sift through all the ring binders one by one. Pages and pages for every single member of staff!

It used to take at least a day to check all the ring binders were complete and all the forms were up to date and signed off. Now we have AG5, it’s a whole different story! One click or tap of a button and we can see at a glance whether everyone’s records are up to date, or not. Amazing!

How has your job changed as a result?

Our staff now have an up-to-date view of everyone’s progress, for example how far a new hire has advanced with their onboarding. Before we had AG5, we were continually hunting around for staff members’ ring binders because someone else already had them on their desk. But with AG5 everyone can access anyone’s file – anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Our Planning department’s also really pleased now they no longer have to wade through mountains of paperwork. They can now see at a glance who is and isn’t qualified or authorized, who needs training or instruction, or how far someone has progressed with their training.

And are there any other benefits you’ve noticed since switching to AG5?

We always used to get a bit of resistance and pushback any time we introduced a new system. But with AG5 it was welcomed with open arms by every single member of staff. Primarily because it makes everything so much easier for everyone.

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