Visualize skill gaps of your frontline workers

Using a spreadsheet to track skills and training requirements of frontline employees?

Our Skills Management Software lets you visualize skill gaps across your teams and map training requirements — without relying on a complex excel spreadsheet.

Ag5 software
Ag5 software
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Skills & resource planning is too complex for a spreadsheet

No one likes updating Excel skills matrices

There’s too many employees and skills to keep track of

There’s no way to ensure the data is accurate

Easily identify skill gaps in your jobs

AG5 brings together skills data and training requirements into a training matrix that is always up-to-date. No more color coding skills in multiple tabs to try and plan your job execution.

The skills matrix that doesn’t break

No more using old versions of your skills spreadsheet when someone makes a mistake. Our skills & job interface lets multiple users manage both team skills and training requirements — ensuring that your skills & job data is always up-to-date.

Ensure your skills data is always accurate

Have upcoming audits and worried your skills data is inaccurate or incomplete?

Our workflow automations let you add approvals to your skill updates — keeping you “audit-ready”.

It’s time to ditch that complex skills spreadsheet once and for all.

JDE coffee factory
There’s now just one version of each matrix, which is also always up to date
Gerard van Moerkerk
Gerard van Moerkerk
Training Coordinator at JDE Coffee

Use AG5 to identify skill gaps

Say goodbye to Excel matrices. Start using AG5’s plug and play skill matrix software.

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