Top future skills experts to follow in 2024

In this article, we will showcase top experts within future skills to follow in 2024. Their expertise spans from HCM to AI-driven, cloud-based platforms, providing valuable insights for anyone looking to adopt a skills-based framework in their organization.

future skills experts

To navigate the evolving landscape of  HCM technologies, particularly those related to talent and skills tracking, staying connected with leading industry voices is essential.

In this article, we will highlight the top skills experts to follow in 2024. From HCM to cloud-based, AI-driven platforms, their insights and experience can serve as a guiding light for those seeking to implement a skills-based structure in their organization.

Donald Ross Copied

Donald Ross is a self-described “AI and cloud evangelist” who believes that an organization’s dual focus on people and technology has transformative power.

He often speaks at HR industry events, especially on panels on how cloud technologies can enable skills-based organizations. His LinkedIn page serves as an excellent resource for those looking for more information on them, as it is consistently updated with news on upcoming conferences and recaps of previous ones.

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Josh Bersin Copied

As founder and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company, Josh Bersin provides up-to-date, future-forward education courses and certification programs, HR-focused reports, and more.

Bersin is a seasoned industry analyst, researcher, educator, and technology expert, with a focus on corporate HR, training, talent management, recruiting, and leadership.

His website contains a wealth of resources, including a variety of informative guides that cover topics such as the employee experience and HR tech. He also hosts a weekly HR-focused podcast, in which he interviews expert guests and deep-dives into industry research.

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Rebecca Reagan-Thieme Copied

As Product Director at SAP, Rebecca Reagen-Thieme played a key role in launching the skills management-focused Talent Intelligence Hub.

She leverages a deep knowledge of AI-driven and cloud-based HR solutions, and speaks regularly on expert panels that focus on learning, skills development, and Talent Intelligence Hub implementation.

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Stephan Koenen Copied

Stephan Koenen is SuccessFactors’ HR Strategic Advisor for the MEE Region, and has more than 16 years with SAP – undoubtedly proving his extensive knowledge of the platform.

He focuses on empowering digital transformation in HR, as well as HCM solutions that help organizations navigate into the future of work. He also regularly speaks on HR industry panels at events around the world, such as the recent HR Connect, in Dresden, Germany.

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Dr. Steve Hunt Copied

As SAP’s Chief Expert of Technology and Work, Dr. Steve Hunt is a leading voice on HR and the future of work. He holds a PhD in industrial-organizational psychology, and is the author of the book  “Talent Tectonics,” which focuses on the importance of using technology to improve the employee experience, as well as two others on HR process design.

Dr. Hunt believes “technology is to skills what a GPS is to maps” – and says that improving the employee experience amidst a global skills shortage is critical to organizational success.

You can listen to Dr. Hunt on this episode of The Tech Talks Daily Podcast, in which he  discusses technology’s role in providing purpose to work, and more.

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Tolo Vinent Copied

Tolo Vinent believes digital transformation is driven by upskilling and reskilling-focused cultures of continuous learning.  In his role as EMEA’s Head of Learning, Talent, and HR Business AI at SAP, Vinent works to drive sales, strategy, and demand generation for SAP SuccessFactors Learning and Talent solutions in South Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He’s also a former associate professor of business economics and entrepreneurship at IQS Barcleona, in Spain.

Vinent often speaks at SAP SuccessFactors events, where he shares insights and industry knowledge on topics such as “the transformative impact of AI and emerging tech on employee experience”.

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Tristan Southgate Copied

Tristan Southgate has been with SAP for more than 15 years, and now serves as Chief Operating Officer for SuccessFactors EMEA North.

Southgate’s current role sees him “defining and executing the solution strategy and sales operations for the region,” leveraging his deep background in cloud-based HCM.

His LinkedIn also serves as a rich resource for those in the industry, with thought-provoking insights and links to researched content into topics such as “transformational employee engagement.” 

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