Skills matrices clearly and concisely display the essential skills and/or competences that each staff member needs to have to carry out a certain task or activity. They also include an added dimension … this being his or her current level, but also the required or desired level for each skill or competence. This means you can use a skills matrix for planning daily operations based on individual ‘strengths’. Moreover, matrices are essential for managing your personnel’s skills across multiple disciplines.

What type of skills matrix would best suit your organization? This free white paper explores three variants to guide and help you make the right decision about the most suitable type of skills matrix for your organization.

Who’ll benefit from this white paper?

  • You, if you’re wondering what a ‘skills matrix’ is exactly.
  • You, if you’re not sure how to implement skills matrices.
  • You, if you’re looking to get even more out your existing matrices.

Benefits of skills matrices

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