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Gea Vermast brings over two decades of comprehensive experience to her role in HR and Customer Success at AG5. Her journey with AG5 began in 2012 as an Office Manager with AG5 HVR, where she was instrumental in creating efficient administrative workflows and ensuring seamless office management. Her keen organizational skills and ability to cultivate a productive work environment enabled her to make a significant impact.

In her current position at AG5 Skills Management Software, Gea leverages her extensive administrative background to lead Customer Success, handling support and budgeting while maintaining smooth operations. Her strategic oversight ensures clients have a consistently positive experience, from onboarding to ongoing support.

Before joining AG5, Gea refined her office management skills at Dick van Gameren Architecten and de architectengroep, where she managed daily operations, ensuring high standards of administrative efficiency and staff coordination.

Gea’s career began with TUI, a prominent travel company, where she served for over 11 years. Starting as a travel consultant and rising to manage a travel bureau, she gained valuable customer-facing skills, deepened her understanding of client needs, and cultivated an adaptive management style that she carries into her current role.

Her broad experience across diverse sectors, combined with her deep customer insight, allows Gea to provide exceptional internal support and deliver top-tier customer success strategies.

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