Use our integrations with UKG to automatically update data and trigger workflows in AG5

Whilst UKG is a comprehensive HRM and WFM platform, it lacks functionality to link on-site assets, production lines, and machinery with skills and training requirements that are essential for their operation.

AG5 has developed three integrations with the UKG platform, enabling organizations to automate skills management of their frontline workforce.


Our integration with the UKG Pro (HRM) system allows organizations to save time and effort entering employee information in AG5. The integration automatically creates, updates, or deletes new or old employee records in AG5 based on the latest data available in UKG.


UKG Workforce Management

Using UKG Workforce Management, organizations can streamline scheduling and manage time and attendance.

AG5’s integration with Workforce Management allows organizations to schedule shifts or tasks based on an employee’s adherence to the required skills and certifications needed for the relevant task. Should an employee not meet the mandatory job requirements or miss a certification, they will not be included in the scheduling. By leveraging this integration, organizations can ensure the right person is scheduled for the right task.

UKG Learning Management System

AG5’s integration with UKG Learning allows you to automatically register employees for online courses when a qualification is missing (or will be expiring soon) – helping you automate the upskilling and recertification of your frontline workforce. Additionally, the training library in UKG Learning can be synchronized with AG5 as (required) qualifications for employees.

What are the benefits of using UKG and AG5 together?

  • Quickly leverage data available in UKG to get started with AG5
  • Essential employee data from UKG will automatically update to AG5
  • Automate course registrations in UKG Learning in line with skill and certification gaps identified with AG5
  • Create visually appealing skills matrices leveraging UKG training libraries and data
  • Match learning programs with skill gaps and job potential


Use AG5 to identify skill gaps

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