Easygenerator + AG5

AG5 now seamlessly integrates with Easygenerator. Using AG5 and Easygenerator together, companies can address skill gaps by easily creating their own e-learning content with Easygenerator.

Easygenerator’s AI functionalities enable subject matter experts in operations to quickly create bite-sized learning content. Doing so, organizations can for example create specific instructions on how to operate machines or other parts of a production process. By integrating these learning materials with AG5’s Skill Management platform, organizations can automate manual processes related to the planning of learning through e.g. automatic enrollment in courses, sending out reminders and other related workflows.

The integration allows you to sync results such as employee e-learning qualifications, completed training sessions, course results, and curriculum data between both platforms.

How does the AG5-Easygenerator integration work?

  1. Courses or training completed in Easygenerator will automatically update qualifications in AG5
  2. Link e-learning modules to job or requirement groups in AG5
  3. Sync your AG5 qualification library with learning library available in Easygenerator

What are the benefits of Easygenerator and AG5?

  • Offer personalized learning programs to close skills gaps
  • Map Easygenerator learning data to AG5 qualifications
  • Create visually appealing skills matrices at all organizational levels that are always up-to-date with the latest learning efforts.
  • Reduced compliance risks by automating training planning

Use AG5 to identify skill gaps

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