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In this webinar, we’ll explore the spreadsheet challenges for audit and compliance management:
  • Multiple spreadsheet versions: Addressing inconsistencies across organizational spreadsheets.
  • Data accuracy and timeliness: Ensuring up-to-date, accurate spreadsheet records for audits.
  • Audit trail and transparency: Overcoming the lack of change tracking in spreadsheets.
  • Human error and compliance risks: Mitigating risks from manual spreadsheet entries and modifications.

Watch a short preview to see how companies normally use a skill matrix in Excel spreadsheets.

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With AG5, we've not only saved time but have gained a comprehensive overview of our training programs. Identifying skills gaps has never been easier, and we’re now proactively planning for our staff’s development. Plus, our ISO certification compliance for QHSE has become more manageable and auditable.
Wouter De Smet
Training Coordinator
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How many safety trainings are actually happening? How many should be happening? Are our people trained? Before AG5, it was hard to gather the data from different departments and sites.
Doris Kogler
L&D Specialist
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