AG5 for the automotive industry

Track your workforce skills directly to your manufacturing processes

AG5’s skill matrix software tracks all your employee skills and certifications in one place.

  • Map production needs to employee skills
  • Identify skill gaps and expiring certifications
  • Generate reports for industry audits

Trusted by training and quality assurance teams

The skills needed for your complex manufacturing process can’t be tracked in a spreadsheet

You have too many employees and job requirements in your operation
You’re running complex forecasting models in a spreadsheet — but the data is always out of date
You scramble to piece together digital documents for industry audits

The skills management software built specifically for automotive companies that have 1000s of frontline employees.


See how your employee’s skills align to you production processes

Our skills matrix lets you map every skill requirement for each machine, role, and procedure.


Proactively address skill gaps

We notify you of expiring certs and changing job requirements automatically — so you can take action before it impacts your operations.


Generate a comprehensive skills report in a few clicks

Never again scramble to respond to customer and industry audits. AG5 keeps track of all the details of your workforce operations making it easy to respond to specific questions and industry audits.

I still can’t believe we used to track all of our employee skills and process needs in a spreadsheet. The data was always out of date, we were always scrambling to close skill gaps and respond to audits. With AG5, we don’t have to worry about any of that — and we can finally be proactive when it comes to our workforce planning.
Tim Clansey
training coordinator at Adient

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Tim Clansey
training coordinator at Adient

“We now use 97% less paper thanks to the elimination of 800 paper documents.”

Tatiana de Bihl
training coordinator at Rogers Corporation

“We now have all departments using one tool, and that’s saving me a whole stack of time.”

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