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Our skills management software lets you visualize skill gaps across your teams and map job requirements — without relying on a complex Excel spreadsheet.

Visualize skill gaps of your frontline workers

Skills matrix

Our skills matrix provides you with a clear overview of all skills and certifications your employees possess. You’ll use intuitive dashboards to easily see who on your team is qualified to take on a new project or task.

Expert finder

Find suitable replacements or successors within your organization based on required skills or qualifications. AG5’s Expert Finder reduces search time for qualified employees by more than 50%.


Skills and requirement libraries enable you to categorize and structure the skills and qualifications present in your organization, no matter how large or complex.

Training Tracking

The alert list feature provides easy oversight of expiring or required certifications – all in one manageable list. Plan ahead, schedule necessary training, and save time.


Trigger automated emails, SMS notifications, or API calls based on various conditions. By planning ahead, you’ll ensure that expiring certifications are renewed efficiently and quickly – ahead of time.
I still can’t believe we used to track all of our employee skills and process needs in a spreadsheet. The data was always out of date, we were always scrambling to close skill gaps and respond to audits. With AG5, we don’t have to worry about any of that — and we can finally be proactive when it comes to our workforce planning.
Tim Clansey
training coordinator at Adient

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