Drillster + AG5

Get an up-to-date picture of your employees’ current and missing skills

View their e-learning qualifications and on-the-job training experience in a personal portfolio using AG5 and Drillster in combination.


How does the AG5-Drillster integration work?

  1. Use this integration to automatically store Drillster e-learning modules to the AG5 qualification library.
  2. Link the relevant e-learning modules to each role.
  3. Any time an employee completes an e-learning module in Drillster, this automatically updates their personal AG5 portfolio.

What are the benefits of Drillster and AG5?

  • no need to update results in two separate systems
  • an all-in-one employee portfolio (inc. all e-learning modules and on-the-job training information)
  • skills gaps easy to spot and progress easy to track using AG5 skills matrices