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10 reasons why auditors hate skills matrix spreadsheets

Explore the challenges auditors face with spreadsheet-based skills management and their impact on compliance and efficiency.


Join us to gain key insights into the pitfalls of using spreadsheet-based skills matrices for audit purposes.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the spreadsheet challenges for audit and compliance management:

  • Multiple spreadsheet versions: Addressing inconsistencies across organizational spreadsheets.
  • Data accuracy and timeliness: Ensuring up-to-date, accurate spreadsheet records for audits.
  • Audit trail and transparency: Overcoming the lack of change tracking in spreadsheets.
  • Human error and compliance risks: Mitigating risks from manual spreadsheet entries and modifications.

Whether you’re in Operations, Quality, L&D, HR, Compliance, Training, or a team leader, this webinar is tailored for professionals eager to enhance their audit and compliance capabilities.

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Our expert speakers bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, having successfully guided organizations across various industries in their journeys towards skills management mastery. Their insights and expertise will help you gain a deeper understanding of the advantages of AG5’s platform.

Stefan Schneider

Onboarding Specialist
  • Focus on coaching, software implementation management, and enhancing customer experience through effective training and support for AG5’s skills management platform.
  • Experience in managing customer journey initiation, linking customer inquiries to internal systems, and trained customers through 1:1 sessions and webinars.
  • Experience in customer support, handling everything from routine inquiries to resolving complex issues, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and retention