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  • visually appealing skills matrices
  • easy to create and share
  • virtually ‘unbreakable’
  • everyone on the same page!

Visualize the skills gaps in your team

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Goodbye Excel matrices!

Forget those complex, cumbersome skills matrix spreadsheets.

No one likes updating them.

No one’s sure who’s got the latest version.

And no one knows how to fix broken formulas quickly.

In AG5 you have an up to date skills matrix that everyone understands, and that cannot be broken.

How it works

It’s time to visualize the skills gaps in your team

Skills matrix

A skills matrix maps employees against a set of requirements. See at a glance, who on your team is qualified to take on a new project or task.

Expert finder

Find people or suitable replacements in your organization based on required skill or qualifications. The Expert Finder reduces search time for qualified employees by > 50%.


Skills and requirement libraries are a great way to categorize and structure all your organizational skills. This feature helps businesses keep their large and complex organizational structure manageable.

Training Tracking

The alert list feature helps you forecast and foresee expired and required certifications all in one manageable list. Plan ahead of time, or schedule training to meet requirements.


Automated emails, SMS notifications or API calls can be triggered based on various conditions. This feature helps organizations plan ahead of time and ensures that the right actions are taken and parties notified about expiring certifications.

Trusted by more than 100,000 users in 15 countries

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Every month, one organization or another comes to audit us
Gert Mijnders KLM Cargo Gert Mijnders Compliance Manager at AirFrance-KLM
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There’s now just one version of each matrix, which is also always up to date
Gerard van Moerkerk Training Coordinator at JDE Coffee
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It takes me one minute to find the info that used to take me a whole day to find!
Patrick van Dinther Manager School of Bakery at Cérélia
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If I’m looking for a qualified replacement for someone, it only takes a few clicks
Jason Duckworth Former Chief Systems Engineer at AKKA Technologies
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We now have all departments using one tool, and that’s saving me a whole stack of time.
Tatiana de Bihl Training Coordinator at Rogers Corporation
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Auditors used to have to sift through mountains of paperwork
Danny ten Veen Coordinating Histology Analyst (LabPON)

Connect your favorite tools to AG5

Use AG5’s integrations to seamlessly connect to any of the major HRM or e-learning systems.

AG5 keeps your data secure

  • AG5 has passed extremely rigorous cybersecurity screenings conducted by 86 of our major clients
  • Fully certified IT security
  • ISO27001 compliant software-as-a-service

Read our whitepaper: The Benefits of Skills Matrices

Who will benefit from this white paper?

  • You, if you are wondering what a ‘skills matrix’ is exactly.
  • You, if you are not sure how to implement skills matrices.
  • You, if you are looking to get even more out of your existing matrices.
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