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Media downloads



The logo package contains each logo version as several pixel and vector files in CMYK and RGB colors.



Download Logo Package

Software screenshots

The screenshot package contains several screenshots of the AG5 software suite. For example activity dashboards and agenda views.



Download Screenshot Package

AG5 World

The AG5 World package contains different AG5 World scenes from the industrial harbor to the high risen downtown area. The images are RGB only and in png format.



Download AG5 World Package

Brand colors

You can download an Adobe Swatch Exchange File to be used in Adobe design software.


WEB: #00c4d7
RGB: 0/196/215
CMYK: 70/0/18/0

WEB: #0070ff
RGB: 0/112/255
CMYK: 80/60/0/0

WEB: #3a362e
RGB: 58/54/46
CMYK: 67/62/68/59

WEB: #f4f0e9
RGB: 244/240/233
CMYK: 5/5/9/0


Download Adobe Swatch Exchange File